Our Story

The convergence of good medicine and good technology

Our Philosophy

We know that well-designed solutions, made for the way doctors actually work, can make medicine safer, more affordable, more efficient, and more widely available. We also know that medical technology is worthless if it’s distracting, cumbersome, or unintuitive.

Our mission is to make hospitals, surgery centers, and private practices the best they can be – by developing technology that fits effortlessly into organizations’ preexisting workflows and helps health professionals keep their attention on providing outstanding patient care.

At Graphium, we are creating a world where data and knowledge drive down medical costs, keep patients safe, and improve the healthcare experience for all.

How We Started

When Dr. Jeff Zavaleta (“Dr. Z”) began practicing anesthesia, one thing became clear: medical technology was behind the curve, and the anesthesia community had been ignored altogether. With dual board certifications in Anesthesiology and Clinical Informatics, Dr. Z began a search for the perfect partners who could help him apply technology and data in a way that would revolutionize and rock the anesthesia world.

Enter Daniel Dura (“Danny”). By the time he met Dr. Z, Danny had already accomplished some great feats for Macromedia, Adobe, AOL Instant Messenger, Flash, and more. At the time he was Co-Founder and General Manager at Dedo Interactive Inc., a software consulting company. Dedo focused on providing custom software development services and enterprise software systems (including highly interactive displays) to Fortune 500 companies.

Although Dr. Z & Danny were both located in the DFW Metroplex in Texas, they met at a technology conference in San Francisco. The opportunity was obvious, and the direction was clear. And Graphium Health™ began to take flight.

Fast forward several years, and Graphium Health™ has built a team comprised of the best minds in our industry and a line of Anesthesia Practice Management tools that leads the way on the forefront of technology. Gone are the days when you need 10 different vendors to
generate claims, report compliance, collect reimbursement, and optimize your anesthesia practice. Graphium Health™ does it all.


Because you didn’t get into anesthesia for the business. You did it for the patients. Technology shouldn’t gum up your processes- it should flow seamlessly into what you do.

And it should be easy.

You don’t expect to download apps to your smartphone and spend months learning to use them. Why should anesthesia software be any different? We agree. Most of our clients are fully utilizing our system in 2 days or less.

So if you’ve ever thought of purchasing an EMR or you think you may need to shop RCM companies – your first stop should be Graphium Health™.