Our Story

The convergence of good medicine and good technology

Our Philosophy

We know that well-designed solutions, made for the way doctors actually work, can make medicine safer, more affordable, more efficient, and more widely available. We also know that medical technology is worthless if it’s distracting, cumbersome, or unintuitive.

Our mission is to make hospitals, surgery centers, and private practices the best they can be – by developing technology that fits effortlessly into organizations’ preexisting workflows and helps health professionals keep their attention on providing outstanding patient care.

At Graphium, we are creating a world where data and knowledge drive down medical costs, keep patients safe, and improve the healthcare experience for all.

How We Started

As a practicing Anesthesiologist with over 15 years of experience, Dr. Jeff Zavaleta waited patiently for his profession to be reshaped by the data and computing revolution that had fundamentally transformed countless industries. The opportunity for patients to be active participants in their care, for doctors to better understand their performance and place in the hospital, and for easily-accessible data to drive out inefficiencies and danger.

But new products coming to market were no better than the status quo. Anesthesia software companies and electronic medical record systems were clunky, expensive, and isolated from one another. And accumulated data wasn’t being used to improve the delivery or quality of patient care.

Jeff reached outside of medicine. From a team of proven business intelligence experts, skilled software architects, and private practice physicians, Graphium Health™ was founded to help understand the business and clinical needs of healthcare providers and hospital administrators.

We deliver solutions aimed at transforming the practice of anesthesia through improved intelligence.