Stop Missing Charges.

It’s time to bridge the gap between the anesthesia practice & the anesthesia billing company. You both deserve a win. Why not win together with Graphium’s Charge Capture™?

Two Steps to Billing

Yes, really. It doesn’t need to be any harder than that.

Charge Capture

Step 1 | Enter Your Charges

Your new billing slip is now right in the palm of your hand. No more carbon copies. No more illegible records. No more data entry in triplicate. Just a few clicks with your thumb.

Step 2 | Take a Picture of the Face Sheet

The rest of the information that your billing company needs is on the face sheet. No need to fill anything else out; just take a picture! We’ll pair it with your charge sheet and send it over.

That’s It.

Graphium’s Charge Capture solution is incredibly easy to use because it’s incredibly intelligent. It already know your billing codes, it already knows exactly what your billing company needs, and it know just how and when to send it.

Anesthesia providers can go back to patients and stop chasing paper trails.

Anesthesia billing companies can stop feeling like the bad guy who has to ding providers for incomplete or illegible forms.

Together, both sides of the equation can now work together to:

      • Reduce billing errors

      • Increase efficiencies, and

      • Speed up AR turnaround time.

Charge Capture™ Features

Electronic Paper Forms

Extreme ease of use is important because it reduces training and lowers provider anxiety. Our solution is as natural as pen and paper.

Chart Validation

Easily ensure charts are complete from billing, operations, and quality perspectives.

Custom Templates

Further increase the speed of data entry with custom templates designed to reflect the most common documentation needs.

Intelligent CPT Coding

Quality coding occurs seamlessly in the background without the providers having to enter a CPT code.

Out of OR Charges

We know anesthesia services are not restricted to the ORs. Provide your MDs and CRNAs with a solution that works throughout the hospital.

Outbound PDF or Discrete Fields

Graphium will push your data directly to your anesthesia billing company of choice. You actually don’t need to do anything to make that happen — the app will handle it.

Real Time and Batch Processing

Some interfaces require real-time support. Other can be scheduled. We handle both with ease, so you can rest assured your data is where it needs to be, when it needs to be there.

Data Entry Portal

Does your billing company need a better way to collect process face sheets? We have you all covered. Our Data Entry Portal, Collector™, makes everyone’s job so much simpler.