“I know our anesthesia practice is missing charges, and I don’t know how to fix it.”

Your anesthesia practice may be losing 1 out of every 12 charges. That’s 8% of your practice’s income that could have gone toward salaries, marketing, and other expenses. Great news: you can fix it.

Show Me How

Your anesthesia providers, medical facilities, and billing company should work perfectly together.

Whether you love your existing billing company, want to make a change, or represent an anesthesia billing company yourself, Graphium is designed to help you do what you do better than ever before.

You need seamless, painless, and accurate anesthesia billing & patient management, and our entire suite of services is designed from the ground-up to make that dream into a reality.




Teresa, CRNA at a regional hospital

“I like the ease of use and how transportable it is. It doesn’t make me carry papers. It’s a very good product that is reliable and satisfies all the needs of the hospital without being onerous.

It solves a small hospital’s needs for an EMR and gives us added value through data.

Dr. Jenkins

Dr. Jenkins, Anesthesiologist in a large anesthesia group

“It’s like charge capture on steroids. No matter what an anesthesia group has going on at their location — paper vs big mega tech vs whatever — we haven’t met a problem yet that we haven’t been able to solve.

And we can get our data no matter what the set up is — that’s what sets it apart from any competitors.”

Dr. Mehta

Dr. Mehta, Managing partner of a 30+ physician group

“First and foremost, it’s an easily teachable, accurate, intraoperative anesthesia documentation platform.

Number two, it solves our MACRA collection problem. There are so many groups that have problems with that, and Graphium makes it easy.

Then number three: I don’t have to worry about patient data safety or HIPAA compliance. Graphium deals with the data, and the IT department & the hospital love that the data is both safe and easy to access. 

Oh, yeah. Those three things.”


Cheryl, an Anesthesia Practice Manager

“Within 20 minutes, you’re gonna get it. It feels like paper, very intuitive. And I feel like Graphium is not a hindrance to getting good anesthesia done. That’s the most important thing, you know: accurate and readable records for me, familiar & easy use for the providers. It’s so easy for them to communicate what’s been done and see what fields aren’t done with the [built-in] visual cues.

So things are done.”

Are you capturing the data you need to measure your practice? Download our anesthesia forms & glossary to compare.


    “Finally a way to be compliant that makes us smarter and faster.”

    Dr. Merlin Wehling, President Sonno Anesthesia

    You’ll be partnering with a leading provider of anesthesia electronic medical record software and billing functionality, as Graphium has been implemented in over 400 facilities nationwide with 250+ unique integrations.

    You can transform your ability to focus on your patients and your business rather than tedious anesthesia billing processes while using Graphium Health’s anesthesia EMR platform.












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    macra anesthesia dashboard

    The less time you have to spend focused on billing, recording, and reporting, the better.

    It’s time for you to enjoy streamlined processes from start to finish with features you’ve always needed—plus features you didn’t even know you wanted–all at a price that makes Graphium one of the most affordable and accessible systems on the market.

    macra anesthesia dashboard

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