Your paper processes are keeping your anesthesia practice down. What if you could keep your paper, but implement software at the same time?


Anesthesia EMR

Intuitive, Flexible Data Capture

Reduce lost paper forms, excessive costs, and data entry issues caused by inefficient paper-based systems—without giving up the familiar paper-style interface.

Seamless Charting Compliance & Data Validation

Via Graphium, you can guarantee that all medical charts are compliant and that all data is accurate before it impacts your facility or billing company.

Handwriting Where You Need It

Technology is nice, but not at the expense of what's already working. Still make

Photos In Your Form

How do you capture an ultrasound while staying HIPAA Compliant? Use Graphium's built-in photo capabilities.

Templates for Quick Data Capture

Create custom templates that capture data according to your practice’s unique needs, services, and patients.

Productivity Reports

Tables and charts coupled with powerful filtering can surface truth in a world too often driven by emotion and spin. Understanding your data means you spend more time focusing on the things that matter.

Location Utilization Data

Do you know how many ORs are running simultaneously at any given time? Once you see it, you’ll be able to make data-driven staffing decisions, optimize the schedule to reduce wasted operating costs, and increase your surgical patient throughput.

Efficiency Scorecards

Surface important interval times in the perioperative experience, including Surgeon Turn-over-Times, Anesthesia Turn-over-Times, Anes Ready times, Wo/Wi times, and Epidural Ready times.

Quality Metrics

Comprehensive analyses of MACRA and Quality measures, complications and safety protocols for you and your client organizations.

Service Maps

Visualize the footprint of your practice to insurers understand your importance in the marketplace and be more willing to negotiate favorable terms for their patients.

EMR Integrations

Graphium integrates with all EHRs — Major systems like Meditech, Epic, Cerner — along with more discreetly known systems that are perhaps only used at a few facilities. We have yet to meet a system with which we cannot integrate.

Billing System Integration

Do you have an existing billing system? Your billing solution and Graphium integrate perfectly to create a seamless and efficient workflow. Or perhaps we need to integrate directly with your billing company. Either way, you're looking at major RCM benefits and AR improvements!

Anesthesia Machine & Vitals Integration

Your information can be automatically captured and stored from anesthesia machines, vitals trackers, and other equipment.

MACRA Submission

Your MACRA quality measures, including ABG measures, are recorded and submitted seamlessly within Graphium.

Charge Capture

Your anesthesia charges and key data from clients and patients is instantly captured with Graphium’s powerful charge capture capability.

Managed Billing

Your practice can have a complete managed billing solution, including credentialing, coding, and collections capabilities in one platform.

Billing System Integration

Do you already have a billing system? Your anesthesia billing solution will work flawlessly with Graphium for a seamless and efficient workflow.

Case Reconciliation

Your organization’s incorrect data and discrepancies are soon forgotten with built-in case reconciliation capabilities.

Case Reconciliation