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Is The iPhone Getting A New Look?

A few sources have leaked some potential news about the up-and-coming iPhone 11. As you know, Graphium's Anesthesia EMR and MACRA Ready apps run specifically on the iPad Pro and iPhone. And since a very good portion of Graphium's users - and pretty much all of our...

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TSA 2019 Annual Meeting | What To Do & See!

In September, the Texas Society of Anesthesiologists will be kicking off The TSA 2019 Annual Meeting at the Hyatt Lost Pines Resort in Lost Pines, Texas--very close to Austin. Are you all geared up? Below are a few things that we think visiting anesthesiologists...

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Chicago Hot Dog Festival | AANA 2019

Ladies & Gentlemen, ALL MEMBERS of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists: This is not a test. You are hearing us correctly: The Chicago Hot Dog Fest dates line up with the AANA 2019 Annual Congress in Chicago. Native Chicagoan and Graphium Customer...

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Company Culture: Conflict & Rules of Engagement

Any company that is made of, well, humans will inevitably experience conflict. Graphium believes conflict is not only essential, but can be very healthy. Here's how. Earlier this year, the leadership at Graphium met together to discuss a too-often overlooked topic:...

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Anesthesia EMR™ Installed in 2 days

With the right software and the right team, implementation is really simple. At Graphium Health, we’ve focused on streamlining EMR implementation. While the typical process may be time-consuming and burdensome, we’ve been able to create a straightforward and painless...

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MACRA 2019 Closing: We Know It’s Not About Money

While nobody wants negative payment adjustments, and most practices desire the maximum reimbursement from CMS possible, Graphium Health agrees with all of you that this doesn’t all simply come down to dollars and cents. Even if MACRA didn’t exist, our hope is that all...

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MACRA 2019 Part 6: A Free MACRA Analysis

We want you to be aware as possible of the costs and benefits of reporting through us – we don’t want you paying for something with no ROI, but we want you to benefit from reporting as much as possible. To that end, Graphium HealthTM offers a deeper analysis for your...

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