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MACRA 2019 Closing: We Know It’s Not About Money

While nobody wants negative payment adjustments, and most practices desire the maximum reimbursement from CMS possible, Graphium Health agrees with all of you that this doesn’t all simply come down to dollars and cents. Even if MACRA didn’t exist, our hope is that all...

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MACRA 2019 Part 6: A Free MACRA Analysis

We want you to be aware as possible of the costs and benefits of reporting through us – we don’t want you paying for something with no ROI, but we want you to benefit from reporting as much as possible. To that end, Graphium HealthTM offers a deeper analysis for your...

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MACRA 2019 Part 5: MACRA Dashboards & Analytics

When you use Graphium Health MACRA as your reporting method of choice, you get access to our MACRA Compliance Dashboard. It will show you, within any given organization across a given month, each day: How many cases is each provider doing? How are they matching up for...

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MACRA 2019 Part 4: Graphium’s Measures & Forms

BUILDING THE 2019 MACRA FORMS We put simplicity and accessibility in the driver’s seat as the Graphium Health team began to design our paper forms for MACRA reporting in 2019. Here is a snapshot of the final product, but for a full-sized look, you can visit our...

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MACRA 2019 Part 3: Quality Measures

Now that you’ve determined eligibility, let’s work on understanding Quality Measures, which—as you’ll recall—make up 70% of your Composite Performance Score. MIPS and NON-MIPS MEASURES When reporting MACRA, two different types of measures can be tracked &...

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MACRA 2019 Part 2: Individual vs. Group Reporting

A huge difference between Individual and Group reporting is not only vitally important, but also widely misunderstood. Let’s try to clear that up. First of all, there is a threshold to be able to participate in MACRA. You must meet all three of these criteria to be...

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MACRA 2019 Part 1: MACRA Overview

CMS doesn’t call it MACRA, they call it the Quality Payment Program (QPP). We encourage everyone to visit the CMS QPP Website, where everything you need to know about MACRA should be available. PENALTY vs BONUS For 2019 both the penalty and the bonus increased to -7%...

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MACRA 2019 Webinar with Dr. Zavaleta At Graphium Health, our team knows all-too-well how much conflicting information is out there concerning anesthesia groups reporting for MACRA. This webinar will guide you through understanding and successfully reporting quality measures to...

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