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An Anesthesia Valentine’s Day

Trying to find the perfect thing to say for that anesthesia provider crush you have? Look no further- we have you covered. Also...don't actually use these.You make O2 delivery look good. ♥ You give me heart palpitations. Good ones. ♥ Could you check my SpO2? Because I...

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Happy #PhysAnesWk19!

Physician Anesthesiologists are easily the most underappreciated providers in the perioperative process. To begin with, they are the only physicians to care for the patient throughout her pre-, intra-, and post-operative phases. Each phase requires a seamless...

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Cable Cutting & Adopting an EHR

At my house, we’ve had an interesting experience: cable cutting. At some point we looked at our DirecTV or Dish Network bill and simply couldn’t handle it anymore. It was time to take action. The process started about a year and-a-half ago- maybe 2 years. Here’s what...

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14 One-Liners Straight From The Health Record

Time for a little bit of fun on a Friday. Here is a collection of funny one-liners, supposedly exactly as found in the medical record: Patient has left her white blood cells at another hospital. Patient has chest pain if she lies on her left side for over a year. On...

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Physician Burnout: Anesthesia & EHRs

Tweet If you’ve been following the medical community on social media, it’s easy to see a pattern of growing concern around one topic: Physician Burnout. A few Twitter posts show the anxiety of physician burnout in the medical world: Burnout isn’t just an issue for...

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