Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions regarding AnesthesiaEMR™, the easiest, most intelligent EMR built specifically for anesthesia.

User Experience

How do you start a case?
  1. The iPad Pro’s camera is used to scan the patient’s barcode and initiate opening of the patient’s chart.
  2. Alternatively, the user may choose from a list of either recently opened or currently admitted patient charts.
  3. A user can use the detailed search option to lookup cases by admit/discharge date, name, MRN, or other demographics.
  4. Finally a user can easily create a new patient encounter on the fly with the click of a button.
How does the user enter data?

Graphium for iOS uses a “forms” based approach in which any form’s discrete information may be easily captured at the point of care with minimal impact to the patient experience. Such forms include MACRA Compliance forms, Anesthesia Intraop forms, Charge Capture forms, etc. All of the Graphium analytic, reporting, and integration value is then available to this captured data.

Can you virtualize my specific anesthesia forms?

Yes. We can virtualize your specific forms. We can also provide a “gap analysis” and let you know which fields you are missing which are required for a complete attestation for MACRA compliance. We typically use the opportunity to update your forms to be more inline with today’s standard of documentation.

Can data from physiologic monitors be automatically incorporated?

Yes. The system does allow for the automatic transcription of physiologic data using 3rd party integration technology. If requested by the client, the associated implementation and training fees can be provided.

How about fast cases common in private anesthesia practices?

AnesthesiaEMR™ can be adopted without a loss in productivity. It is faster and more complete than pen and paper. It has been successfully adopted in high turnover environments, including BMTs/T&As, Endoscopy cases, and ophthalmology centers. With customized templating, it gets even faster.

We virtualize the paper anesthesia form experience and make any field you need discrete for later reporting, sharing, and analysis. Combined with our mobile hardware, our platform’s flexibility allows you to stay compliant with changing regulations, grow with your facilities as their volume and locations increase, and stay focused on delivering undistracted patient care.

Do you have anesthesia templates? How do they work?

Any discrete field in a form may be populated with a template. Additionally, we create templates to cover the variety of case types to ensure the medications selected, location used, providers involved, etc are associated with a specific template.

Can previous anesthetics and preops be viewed?

Yes. All forms created in our system are stored and available for review by users with appropriate access level in the system.

Can you integrate with our hospital's EHR?

Our anesthesia platform has a robust service layer making integration relatively painless. We have successfully integrated with Epic, Cerner, GE Centricity, Meditech, NextGen, gMed, and CPSI – just to name a few. Call us for more information.

What mobile devices are supported by your system?

iPad Pro, iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, and iPod Touch

We already use an anesthesia EMR. Can you help us make the data meaningful?

Absolutely. We have the ability to ingest structured text files, importing your data into our proprietary data architecture, making the value of Graphium Analytics™ available to you.


How do you help improve chart completion?

Our platform provides feedback in the following ways:

  1. Visual, color indicators on all required fields (customizable by facility)
  2. Dynamic intelligence comparing different field values to ensure valid data entry depending on user input
  3. Pop-up warnings alerting users of all missing fields on a form
  4. Automated daily email summaries to subscribed users listing incomplete charts (without need for ancillary staff oversight)
  5. Individualized performance reports via our iOS application that allows providers to monitor their own performance and track their incomplete charts
How does your platform help our group ensure compliance?

Quality improvement is a central focus of the Graphium Health platform. We support and facilitate quality improvement in the following ways:

  1. QCDR Integration: As a “QCDR-Ready” vendor, we provide downstream integration with QCDRs to ensure MACRA compliance, avoiding hefty financial penalties and earning bonuses.
  2. Operational Analytics: Our web-based administrative dashboard provides convenient, real-time access to productivity, efficiency, safety, utilization, and compliance.
  3. Daily Email Summaries: Automated summaries of key operational metrics are provided to subscribed users in the form of daily emails.
  4. Enterprise Scorecards: We empower your leadership to measure and compare their Facilities to identify best practices as well as areas in need of improvement.
Do you submit our data for MACRA compliance?

Yes. As a QCDR-Ready vendor, we satisfy compliance in 4 steps:

  1. We ensure your providers are collecting as much information as possible on each case as it pertains to the QCDR measures.
  2. We translate this information to the necessary quality outcome codes without requiring the providers to know any specific definitions.
  3. We import any required billing information from your RCM vendor, if needed.
  4. We send this information in the required format to the QCDR for submission to CMS.

Best of all, your providers won’t even know they are coding for compliance. It’s invisible and automatically handled in the background.


Do you have any canned reports?

Yes. The foundational value of our platform is integrated, real-time insight for your directors and your providers. Graphium Analytic™ includes the following.

  1. Web-based, interactive productivity, efficiency, quality, and throughput dashboards
  2. Automated, daily analytic emails
  3. Enterprise and Facility level Scorecards.

We have over 30 stocked reports, allowing you to compare individual Anesthesiologists and CRNAs. Real-time, integrated intelligence has never been easier. Call us for a complete list of available reports.

Are your reports customizable?

Yes. Graphium Health’s proprietary data architecture is designed to make customizable reporting a reality with the easy export of your discrete data into the familiar Excel file format.

Can reports be sent by email automatically?

Yes. Our proprietary “snapshot” emails are automatically emailed each morning and summarize the prior day’s experience. Our goal is to provide you an unprecedented view of your data so you can focus on process improvement and not on data analysis.

Charge Capture

Can you provide the different forms in PDF format?

Yes. All of this information is accessible either through our web-based administrative dashboard for downloading or through an automated interface.

Can you provide discrete data to our billing software?

Yes. We have integrated with existing billing platforms without issue. We can send structured text files via SFTP or create custom interfaces. Call us for more information.

Can you calculate anesthesia units?

Yes. Based on your Anesthesia Start and End times, we can easily calculate the total anesthesia time units for each individual provider.

Can you help us with ICD 10 coding?

Yes. Our Anesthesia EMR is very flexible and customizable to mirror your existing workflows. We can help you understand and implement ICD9/10 coding in the simplest way possible.

Can you capture surgical CPT code and ASA code?

Yes. We can save a “favorites” list for your group or give you access to the entire CPT dictionary. We can also customize your own walkover codes so the ASA code is automatically captured based on your Surgical CPT.