July 20 2020 8:40 CDT

Paper vs Graphium

Paper is familiar, quick and flexible; but it's also clunky, rigid and complex. As Graphium Health approached the development of technology for the anesthesia

July 16 2020 11:01 CDT

Why AnesthesiaEMR?

Unlike any other healthcare provider, the anesthesia provider wears many hats while in the operating room: the physician, the pharmacist, the nurse, and the

July 16 2020 10:49 CDT

Cultivating a Healthy Culture through Data

Healthcare employees want to improve, not only the process, but on an individual level too. They want to be the best they can be,

June 25 2020 10:54 CDT

ROI Case Study: Data-Driven CRNA Staffing Projections

Human resources are expensive, especially highly trained, highly skilled employees such as CRNAs. When considering salary, benefits, and recruiting costs, it becomes clear you

June 18 2020 10:50 CDT

Paper Anesthesia Charting Will End

We like our pen and paper. It’s familiar, affordable, reliable, and most importantly, it’s fast. There’s no training required, and if it breaks, another pen

June 11 2020 10:47 CDT

Intel & Graphium Health Discuss Healthcare

On May 14th, Intel’s Worldwide Medical Director, Dr. Mark Blatt, and Graphium Health’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jeff Zavaleta, discussed how technology is going to

June 4 2020 10:32 CDT

3 Reasons Mobility Matters for Surgery

As the computer form factor shrank from the size of a room to a laptop, computing “mobility” finally became a reality as we could

June 3 2020 10:56 CDT

Data, Data, Data

Access to your data is your key to success. Whether you are an administrator for a facility or an anesthesia group, data is king, and