Intel & Graphium Health Discuss Healthcare

by  |  June 11 2020 < 1 min read

On May 14th, Intel’s Worldwide Medical Director, Dr. Mark Blatt, and Graphium Health’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jeff Zavaleta, discussed how technology is going to be used to reduce the cost and increase the efficiency of healthcare delivery. Dr. Blatt identifies 4 necessary objectives: define the real-world workflow, adopt mobile solutions for delivery of healthcare, emphasize collaboration in a team setting, and leverage necessary IT infrastructure to meet your needs.


Hosted by Motion Computing, this webinar illustrates how Graphium Health’s integrated platform replicates existing workflows on a mobile platform, while also enabling real-time collaboration of Big Data with the hospital administration and surgical services directors. Securely hosted in the cloud, the Graphium Health platform brings Big Data opportunity to all comers, big and small, enabling facilities to realize improved efficiency and reduced costs.

Webinar Video Link