Why AnesthesiaEMR?

The intraoperative anesthesia record represents the most challenging electronic medical record to develop.

Unlike any other healthcare provider, the anesthesia provider wears many hats while in the operating room: the physician, the pharmacist, the nurse, and the care partner. They must diagnose, prescribe treatment, draw up that treatment, administer the treatment, observe its effects, and document this sequence of events. To boot, they sometimes have only 120 seconds from start to finish of a surgical case. They must be fast. Really fast. We set to challenge our approach with the most difficult work flow, thus validating our entire solution to the EMR market.

We created a new balance between “pen and paper” simplicity and electronic databases. We wanted to keep the familiarity of single page forms, but empower them with database ability. We created true remote supervision with a networked solution. We recognized that once we solved the anesthesiologist’s needs, we may easily move to any other provider who desires a fast, familiar, easy, and affordable solution. We wanted to prove our technology works for not only the institution’s needs, but also the clinical practitioner.

The reason for any EMR is to share data and to view data with real time analytics, thus lowering costs and increasing revenue. Included in our solution is robust, dynamic, live drillable dashboard which can easily generate reports for any metric we record. The sky is the limit. With our OR Dashboard Engine and Ad-Hoc Reporting you can view beautiful charts, export tables, and manipulate your data in a thousand ways. It’s easy and fast.

More important than our innovative use of market leading mobile technologies, we wanted to prove our company’s unique personnel resulted in a much better product than more traditional corporations. We are neither a hospital institution that contracts for service, nor a software company that builds for a focus group. Instead, we are the best of both worlds: a proven business intelligence company partnered with practicing clinical physicians. With full ownership and managerial control, our group of experts aimed to build the most user friendly, affordable, EMR on the market. Our result is stunningly simple and a remarkable illustration of our approach.

Welcome to convenient and meaningful electronic medical records.