Year Archive for 2019

July 15 2019 11:21 CDT

Breaking down the MACRA Composite Performance Score

What is the CPS, and how might anesthesia providers’ Medicare reimbursements be adjusted based on MACRA compliance?

June 5 2019 10:36 CDT

MACRA 2019 Customer Webinar

This webinar will guide you through understanding and successfully reporting quality measures to participate in the QPP program (MACRA).

April 8 2019 8:01 CDT

Anesthesia: The Top 9 Things to Know About Revenue Cycle Management

Anesthesia billing is tremendously complicated. Small errors can result in delays and a failure to collect. What are the factors that are impacting your

March 26 2019 10:21 CDT

MACRA 2019 Part 6: A Free MACRA Analysis

We want you to be aware as possible of the costs and benefits of reporting through us – we don’t want you paying for

March 25 2019 3:53 CDT

MACRA 2019 Part 5: MACRA Dashboards & Analytics

When you use Graphium Health MACRA as your reporting method of choice, you get access to our MACRA Compliance Dashboard. It will show you,

March 24 2019 12:32 CDT

MACRA 2019 Part 4: Graphium’s Measures & Forms

We put simplicity and accessibility in the driver’s seat as the Graphium Health team began to design our paper forms for MACRA reporting in

March 23 2019 12:20 CDT

MACRA 2019 Part 3: Quality Measures

Now that you’ve determined eligibility, let’s work on understanding Quality Measures, which—as you’ll recall—make up 70% of your Composite Performance Score.

March 20 2019 12:14 CDT

MACRA 2019 Part 2: Individual vs. Group Reporting

A huge difference between Individual and Group reporting is not only vitally important, but also widely misunderstood. Let’s try to clear that up. First of