Year Archive for 2020

June 4 2020 10:32 CDT

3 Reasons Mobility Matters for Surgery

As the computer form factor shrank from the size of a room to a laptop, computing “mobility” finally became a reality as we could

June 3 2020 10:56 CDT

Data, Data, Data

Access to your data is your key to success. Whether you are an administrator for a facility or an anesthesia group, data is king, and

May 28 2020 10:37 CDT

3 Steps to Reaching Transformative Potential of the EMR

Why EMR for Anesthesia? I’ll save you the suspense: It’s in the data. And it’s not better access to the data, per se. It’s

May 21 2020 10:26 CDT

Healthcare Interoperability: 3 Reasons Technologists Must Engage with Doctors when Designing

Over the course of my career, working in a variety of industries, I have developed certain patterns of modeling data that dictate my approach to

May 14 2020 10:22 CDT

A Fresh Take on the Surgical Patient Experience

As a pediatric Anesthesiologist, I waited patiently for my profession to be reshaped by the technology revolution that had fundamentally transformed countless other industries.

May 7 2020 10:21 CDT

Connecting Analytics to the Surgical Patient Experience

While measuring is a requirement for process improvement, it’s not the end goal. Identifying the necessary reports, in and of itself, does not automatically translate

April 30 2020 10:19 CDT

Tempering the Emotionality of Data in Healthcare

The old adage “ignorance is bliss” never resonates more clearly than when watching someone respond emotionally after being presented with “wrong” data — especially in healthcare.

April 23 2020 10:17 CDT

Interfacing 101 for Providers

Outside of healthcare, sharing data between companies is simple, fast, and secure. Our daily “out-of-the-hospital” experience in the everyday world often leads to pointed