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November 20 2020 8:45 CST

5 Instances When Anesthesia Record Software Is a Need, Not a Want

Electronic medical record (EMR) software makes an anesthesia provider’s life easier, helping to meet the daily demands of patient care as well as data

November 13 2020 8:45 CST

EMR Integration: Can It Work at Your Healthcare Facility?

When it comes to EMR (electronic medical record) integration, can work at your anesthesia practice. Thousands of medical facilities are already integrated. And they’re

November 6 2020 8:45 CST

The Mega-Value of Medical Charge Capture That’s Accurate & Consistent

When it comes to medical billing, accuracy matters. Incorrect or inconsistent billing information can mean the difference between receiving payment and lost revenue. If invoices

October 30 2020 8:45 CDT

How to Bill for Anesthesia Services & Get a Quicker Turnaround

Billing in anesthesia shouldn’t be one of those jobs you have to worry about. It should be a process that just happens quickly and

October 23 2020 8:45 CDT

Why Record Templates Matter in Anesthesia  (Plus 3 Free Forms You Can Use Right New With EMR Software)

Anesthesia EMR software is a proven investment in efficiency and effortlessly meeting healthcare standards. But to bring your EMR software to optimal performance with

October 16 2020 8:45 CDT

7 Steps to Upgrade From Anesthesia Paper Charting to EMR Software

EMR software brings record keeping into the 21st century with its ease of use and functionality. An investment in EMR also positively -- and

October 8 2020 8:45 CDT

The ROI of Medical Billing Software in Anesthesia 

By integrating anesthesia medical billing software into your daily operations, staying on top of your accounts receivable isn’t a hassle.  While indeed an investment, medical

October 2 2020 8:45 CDT

Adopting EMR Software in Anesthesia: 8 Concerns (and Their Realities) 

When it comes to paper medical records vs. EMR, paper records are the stalwart in gathering patient information. It’s hard to imagine a doctor’s