MACRA 2019 Closing: We Know It’s Not About Money

While nobody wants negative payment adjustments, and most practices desire the maximum reimbursement from CMS possible, Graphium Health agrees with all of you that this doesn’t all simply come down to dollars and cents.

Even if MACRA didn’t exist, our hope is that all anesthesia practices would want a robust Quality Program. We think that this is the best anesthesia Software-as-a-Service Quality Program that’s driven by industry standards for anesthesia group to adopt.

It just so happens that it includes this wonderful upside where CMS will either subsidize the cost of your program – even if it doesn’t pay for the whole thing – or you may even make money off of it! In addition to the money that you’re making, you now have an OPPE Credentialing process in place for your anesthesia practice, which is no simple task, and you have the Quarterly Quality Reports that you need for Joint Commission certification.

There are so many upsides for your participation in QPP with a top-tier reporting partner like Graphium Health, and we would love to partner with you in any way that we can to propel your anesthesia group’s success to the next level.


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