MACRA Ready™

Your pathway to MACRA Compliance – avoiding penalties and gaining rewards –
begins right here.

macra tools

The easiest pathway to MACRA Compliance for anesthesia practices. From paper data entry, to mobile iOS data entry, to full EMR integration, we have your data capture needs covered.

MACRA Ready™ Features

QCDR Reporting

QCDR reporting gives anesthesiologists and CRNAs the best chance of receiving the maximum bonus, estimated to be 5.67% for 2019.

Analytics Dashboards

MACRA Compliance, Organizational Scorecards, and Facility Scorecards, allowing you to easily track, trend, and share performance.

Joint Commission Reports

Required for TJC certification for all 3rd party hospital service providers, including anesthesia providers, these quarterly reports are exactly what you need.

Advanced Measures

7 reportable measures, 3 quality process measures, and 39 outcome measures allow your practice to exceed mere compliance.

OPPE Enabled

Need help with your On-going Provider Professionalism Evaluation? Our MACRA Ready™ forms have your credentialing data needs covered.

Operational Insight

An unprecedented view of your operational performance with over 14 additional reports, including productivity, efficiency, throughput, and staffing utilization.

Two Ways to Record MACRA Data

Choose any combination that best suits your practice.

Graphium’s iOS App

Charge Capture

Mobile data entry on your iPhone or iPad gives life to your MACRA compliance. That life comes in the form of real-time analytics that can transform a laborious compliance process into an invaluable quality program in just a few clicks.

Stay on Paper

You can get started as quickly as you can print a sheet of paper. These forms include all of the measures you need to collect for MACRA compliance. Fill one out for each case, fax or upload them to us, and we’ll take it from there.