Graphium One™

Effortless Anesthesia Practice Management by combining Anesthesia RCM, MACRA Compliance, and Operational Insight into a single experience.

“The first time I looked at it, I said ‘Wow. I know how to use that without any instruction.’”
Dr. Wehling, President Sonno Anesthesia

anesthesia emr ios
Collection Rate
1st Time Filing Success
Turn Around (hrs)
Average AR (days)
  • Provider Credentialing
  • Full Service Medical Billing
  • Patient Payment Inquiries
  • Electronic Data Capture
  • CPT ICD Certified Coding
  • Additional Billing Reports
  • Pain Management Billing
  • Revenue Cycle Development

A Unified Anesthesia Platform

From easy data capture, confident quality compliance, and meaningful operational insight, we understand your needs. Prices range from 4.5 – 5.5%.

Data Capture Options

With Graphium ONE™, you have access to a suite of services designed to optimize your current workflows. You choose how to capture the data: iPad AnesthesiaEMR™, Graphium iOS App, EHR Integration, or Paper.

MACRA Compliance

Compliance can be painless and actually helpful. Graphium ONE™ includes a variety of MACRA interactive dashboards to track progress, correct records, and identify individuals most at risk for penalties.

Anesthesia Analytics

It’s more than quality and compliance. It’s more than meeting the minimum standard. Let us show you how to reach the next level with Daily, Automated Analytic Emails, Hourly Staffing Heatmaps, and more.