Intuitive Anesthesia Documentation

Anesthesia EMR™ for iPad

Paper forms have value. They’re easy to understand. Easy to read. Easy to use. Our AnesthesiaEMR™ lets you stay mobile and focused on patient care with an intelligent paper experience.

Electronic Paper Forms

Extreme ease of use is important because it reduces training, lowers provider anxiety, and limits disruption to current workflows.

Chart Validation

Ensure charts are complete from billing, operations, and quality perspectives. Colored fields make it a snap.

Custom Templates

Further increase the speed of data entry with custom templates designed to reflect the most common documentation needs.

Intelligent CPT Coding

With all the data from our paper forms, your billing company can now provide quality coding seamlessly without the providers having to enter a CPT code. Same with Surgical and ASA CPT codes.

Multiple Pages

More than just the intraop paperwork, including Consent, Preop, Intraop, Regional, Photos, and Complications pages to make it complete.

Extreme Flexibility

Flexibility is the key to “future proofing” your platform. We make it easy to add the fields and reports you need most.

Unmatched User Experience

Faster than paper. More accurate than paper. Ensure you remain focused on patient care instead of a keyboard and mouse. Here are just a few examples.


Charts need to be complete. We make it easy for you to know what’s missing before the case is over.


Most of our cases use the same drugs, same patient types, etc. Templates customize your record to you.

Regional Blocks

Document and code all elements needed to ensure collection for your services, including photos.

regional block


Coupled with an ADT feed, we can send custom interfaces to your biller. No more lost paper claims.

billing codes

Anesthesia Analytics Included

Documentation should be well-designed with each discrete field serving a specific purpose. Let’s unlock its value with Anesthesia specific Dashboards.

MACRA Compliance

Easily compare each of your providers to ensure they have the best chance at earning a high Provider Composite Score. Find incomplete charts and easily correct them.

Operational Excellence

Anesthesia sits at the epicenter of the hospital’s most important cost center. View reports on Turn Over Time, Staffing Utilization, and Cost of Delays, to name just a few.

Robust RCM Integration

Effortlessly submit clean claims, track them, and lower your overhead in the process. No more lost charges, and no more delays in submission. Fully HIPAA compliant.

Anesthesia Quality

Quality is different than compliance. Our solution includes OPPE/FPPE support for Joint Commission requirements, hospital credentialing, and market protection.

Enterprise Scorecards

Easily review monthly performance at all of the Facilities within your organization. Set goals and monitor their success with real, measured data.

Facility Scorecards

Easily export and share annual productivity, efficiency, and safety reports. Actionable insight puts you back in control of your anesthesia practice.