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Full Anesthesia Records

Why duplicate all this data entry? Document it once in the anesthesia record and let us take care of the rest so you can focus on keeping patients safe.

Download our form today and start using it immediately for each case you perform. Better yet, let us give you a tour of our software using this exact form, keeping what you love about your paper record but getting rid of its weaknesses.

General Anesthesia Form

Our General Anesthesia OR form is designed to collect everything a modern practice needs. It includes PreOp, Intraop, Extra Time, Regional, PostOp, and Complication pages.

Labor Anesthesia Form

Our Labor Anesthesia form again has the same minumum data set you need for success, but laboring women represent a different workflow than General Anesthesia. It includes pages specifically designed to cover these cases while ensuring intelligent data capture.

Short Anesthesia Form

Our Short Anesthesia OR form has the same minumum data set as above, but it’s purposed for common short, fast, and simple cases, such as endoscopy, opthamology, and ENT cases. It includes similar pages as the General Form above.

general anesthesia form

Download Our Full Set of Anesthesia Forms

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