An Anesthesia Valentine’s Day

Trying to find the perfect thing to say for that anesthesia provider crush you have? Look no further- we have you covered.

Also…don’t actually use these.

You make O2 delivery look good.

You give me heart palpitations.
Good ones.

Could you check my SpO2?
Because I think you just took my
breath away.

Baby, this may be the Versed talking,
but you grfrmphrdrm…

Your love is like a general anesthetic.
I feel it from head to toe.

I feel all tingly when you’re around.

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

“Count backwards from 100,”

I’ve been monitoring your anesthesia care all day.

I love you even more when you pass gas.

Are you aphasia?
Because I can’t speak around you.

You must be an APGAR score.
Cuz baby, you’re a 10.

Are you a STOP-Bang?
Cuz I’m losing sleep over you.

I must be aware under anesthesia.
Cuz you look like a dream.

Only you can stop my bleeding heart.

I’m surprised you’re still at the hospital,
cuz I’ve been checking you out all day.

Oh, MIPS! I thought you said LIPS.
My bad.

You must have AMAZING patient satisfaction scores.

You put the DAZZLE in Midazolam.

Sometimes I think I’m ok,
but then ICU.

Better check by ETCO2,
Cuz you got me in shock.

Does my chart show ICD code 10-I51.81?
#takotsubosyndrome #brokenheart

You’re skin, I’m tegaderm.
Let’s stick together.

Don’t forget to untape my eyes afterwards.
I gotta see you again.

Maybe you should increase the drip.
I still have a strong feeling.

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