Intel Solution Summit 2014: Defining Mobility

Graphium Health had the pleasure of joining Intel in Vegas this Spring at their annual Intel Summit Solution meeting for a keynote panel to discuss the impact of mobility in the enterprise.

There’s no doubt the mobile revolution is transforming the marketplace, and healthcare is no exception. An interesting discussion ensued on defining mobility not as a feature, per se, but rather as an experience. “Portability” and “Mobility” are clearly different. After all, a “Workstation on Wheels” may be portable, but it is far from mobile.

Mobility represents easy, convenient, enabling, engaging, meaningful, accessible, and connected. It’s the picture of your 2 year old picking up your mobile device and launching their favorite game. No instructions. No confusion. Just simple pleasure. This experience among both patients and providers is redefining our expectations for workplace software. As consumers, we want easy, mobile access to our own individual information in a convenient, easy-to-use experience. It makes the existing, market-leading enterprise software solutions look and feel even more clunky and outdated as ever.

It was encouraging to see Intel’s dedication to investing in this space and furthering the ongoing innovation. There are an incredible amount of mobile form factors coming to the market place, each well positioned to capitalize on this new customer expectation. Together with ISV partnerships, I’m hopeful a new healthcare, software experience is coming. One focused on the individual, allowing me as a provider to practice more intelligently and allowing my patients to better engage with their own healthcare – empowered to make better decisions for themselves.