TEDMED: The Hive 2014

The innovative expertise of Graphium Health has been invited to participate in TEDMED 2014: Unlocking Imagination as a member of The Hive community.

Q: Please tell us how your business idea was conceived. Was there an “aha” moment or did it evolve gradually?

A: In many ways, healthcare is simply behind the technology curve. We can train a person’s immune system to specifically target their cancer, and we may soon be able to grow patient specific organs. We’re really smart certain places, but we’re also really challenged elsewhere. As our capability to diagnose and treat continues to improve, the cost to distribute and scale these interventions is crushing their promise.

For over 10 years, I trained in these inefficient systems and grew frustrated by the lost potential realized in other industries. Intelligent IT solutions already proven in retail and finance have the ability to dramatically reduce our costs, making innovative treatment more available to more people.

After a fellowship in bioinformatics, I founded Graphium Health to realize my belief there existed a smarter, more efficient way to practice medicine with a more informed, more engaged framework leveraging cloud computing and mobile form factors.

TEDMED curates an unusual and provocative program featuring brilliant short talks and stunning artistic performances that reframe our mental models and inspire important new possibilities.

Q: What’s the most inventive, innovative, or disruptive aspect of your initiative?

A: Graphium Health uses point-of-care, mobile data-capture and real-time, mobile data-sharing and analysis to make providers more individually insightful, hospitals more intelligent, and patients more informed. We use mobile technology and cloud computing to make data collection intuitive and natural. We make data sharing between players of the healthcare team intelligent, meaningful, and real-time. We make data analysis distributed, self-guided, and comparative. And we do all of this at a fraction of the cost of today’s vendors.

Leveraging cloud computing and mobile technology to connect the healthcare team with their shared data in a natural, meaningful way, our solution empowers each member of the Peri-Operative team – the provider, administrator, and patient – to individually improve themselves, thereby transforming our healthcare system from within.

Q: Five years from now, what would you like to be able to say has been your most important contribution to health?

A: We’ve empowered the individual provider, the individual patient, and the individual hospital administrator with the opportunity to improve themselves. We’ve engaged them with their data – independent of perception – making them active participants in the continuous improvement process whether mandated by federal, state, or local regulation or desired out of a personal conviction to take ownership of their personal health.

Visit TEDMED to learn more about Graphium Health’s participation.

The result is an immersive experience that allows us to recharge our brains, jumpstart new thinking, energize our work and enlarge our worldview. We come away from TEDMED better able to imagine new possibilities and solutions for the future of health and medicine.