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Graphium 2019 CPT Import Tool Walkthrough

A slide deck to walk users through the Graphium 2019 CPT Import Tool.

Graphium CPT Import Template

The Grapium team will use the information you put in this spreadsheet to match your billing information with the data in our system.

eBook: MACRA 2019: A Guide For Anesthesia Practices

A guide for anesthesia practices trying to navigate the 2019 MACRA waters. Learn how to know if you are eligible and performing to avoid CMS penalties and participate in QPP bonuses.

Free Paper Anesthesia Forms

Need to improve your current paper anesthesia form? We have you covered. We have General, Short, and Labor Anesthesia forms that will ensure you capture the data you need to be MACRA compliant. You can also download MACRA specific forms or Charge Capture forms.

2019 MACRA Forms

Need an easy way to report MACRA compliance for your anesthesia group? Well, it doesn’t get much easier than this. Printable forms that you can start using right now give your practice the kick-start that it needs. Download them here!

eBook: MACRA Compliance For Anesthesia Providers: Lessons Learned

This eBook summarizes the lessons we’ve learned specifically during the 2017 and 2018 MACRA performance periods and to give a small peek into 2019 as well. An excellent resource to help grow your practice’s anesthesia quality improvement program.

2019 MACRA Calculator

Want to know more about your financial exposure for MACRA non-compliance? Our automated calculator will provide you a summary of the revenue swing associated with non-compliance vs compliance.

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MACRA compliance for Anesthesia quickly gets confusing and expensive to ignore. Our team would like to help you navigate these waters with confidence and success.

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2018 Anesthesia MACRA Compliance

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