Matt O.

VP Engineering, Graphium Health™

The Man

Matt O., VP of Engineering at Graphium Health. Nobody quite understands how he does what he does with data. Will the same be true of his goatee-accessorized Mustache? Stay tuned.

Do Goatees count against a competitor…or is it like…bonus Mustache?

“I put the G.O.A.T. in goatee, boys.” -Matt O.

The Mustache

The Mo in action. Here are the pictures – Most recent at the top! Don’t forget to vote!

We don’t think Matt’s beard looks as gray today! #justformen? #instafilter?


“Does my beard bring out the gray in my shirt?”


The GOAT. No cap.

Nov. 6th – Feelin’ a little crazy today. Here’s the GOAT without a cap.


Matt O. – Before