John L.

Project Manager, Graphium Health™

The Man

John L, Project Manager at Graphium Health, boasts a pretty rugged look after just a couple of days without a razor. An entire month? Watch out, World.

That blonde/light-brown hair you grow may be a negative factor, though, John. Good luck, buddy!

“I like to sell my last meal for at least a few more hours” -John L.

The Mustache

The Mo in action. Here are the pictures – Most recent at the top! Don’t forget to vote!

“This is as big as I can make it look.”



“Does it help if I puff up my lip like this?” -John L. HALFWAY THERE, JOHN!


“John. What are you doing?”
“I’m using the force to make it grow.”


Update #2 – A new..MO-bile phone? 🙂


Nov. 6th – “I think I can…yeah! I can see my own mustache!”


John L. – Before