Jamey R.

CRNA, DCH Health System

The Man

When patients are resistant to anesthesia, Jamey knocks them out with one of the most amazing mustaches we’ve ever seen. #Movember just took a serious turn toward the competitive. Those handlebars, man. #Legit.

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“Dude.” -Everyone else trying to grow a mustache

The Mustache

The Mo in action. Here are the pictures – Most recent at the top! Don’t forget to vote!

We are convinced that this front-runner is using his Mo to intimidate voters.


“Wake me up when Movember ends.” -Jamey’s Wife


When you have to visit the kids’ school, you trim it up a bit. #kidfriendlyMo


Mov. 8th Update: More of a soft look…like for catalog modeling.


Jamey R – Before? I’m pretty sure that’s Blue Steel, BTW.