Jamey R.

CRNA, DCH Health System

The Man

When patients are resistant to anesthesia, Jamey knocks them out with one of the most amazing mustaches we’ve ever seen. #Movember just took a serious turn toward the competitive. Those handlebars, man. #Legit.

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“Dude.” -Everyone else trying to grow a mustache

The Mustache

The Mo in action. Here are the pictures – Most recent at the top! Don’t forget to vote!

Jamey’s Final Motograph. We spy evidence of Graphium usage in the background!!!


First smiling Motograph. Lookin good, Jamey!


We are convinced that this front-runner is using his Mo to intimidate voters.


“Wake me up when Movember ends.” -Jamey’s Wife


When you have to visit the kids’ school, you trim it up a bit. #kidfriendlyMo


Mov. 8th Update: More of a soft look…like for catalog modeling.


Jamey R – Before? I’m pretty sure that’s Blue Steel, BTW.