Frank D.

Customer Success Manager, Graphium Health™

The Man

Frank D., Customer Success Manager at Graphium Health™, has a fierce beard. He shaves 16 times a day and his 5 o’clock shadow still shows up at dawn.

The other contestants will probably point fingers his way when it comes to claims of “not fair.”

“I have a small goatee from Halloween…Might keep it like that, you know, so I can win. #HalloweenHeadStart” -Frank D.

The Mustache

The Mo in action. Here are the pictures – Most recent at the top! Don’t forget to vote!

Lumberjack? More like lumberFrank.


Despite Matt O.’s accusations, Frank didn’t get started early.


November 6: “Nice face fuzz, Dave. Check out this Brostache FTW.”


Frank D. – Before