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A Review Of Graphium’s 2018 #Movember Contest

A Tribute To Our 2018 #Movember Participants

Movember is all about fun and a cause:
Raising awareness of Prostate & Testitcular Cancer.

Graphium Health strives to be a company that makes the world a better place not just with our products, but also with the way we give back.

Thank you so much to this year’s participants. Here they are in their full glory.

Our Winner: Jamey R.

Jamey’s level of competition this year was just like the anesthesia he provides: Lights Out.
Congratulations on the big win, Jamey! Thank you for helping us raise awareness and for all you do for your anesthesia patients.

Jamey's First Motograph

A softer look, like for catalog modeling.


"Magnum! It's beautiful!"

Jamey using his Mo to intimidate voters.

That deer's trying to eat your Mo! Turn around!

Your Winner: Jamey!

1st Loser (a.k.a. 2nd Place): David H.

Nice try this year, Dave. Nice try.But you know what Yoda says, “Do or do not. There is no try.”
Just kidding! Thanks for a fun month, Deuce.

David's First Motograph

Really, really, really ridiculously good looking.

Awww...Someone vote for the kitty.

A stache to keep his face warm...kind of?

David's dad supporting #movember, too!

Orange Mocha Frappuccino!

David's [he wishes] doppelgånger. #cumberPatch

Participation Ribbon: Tommy W.

You didn’t get the most votes, but we don’t care. This was Simply The Best. Better Than All The Rest.

Tommy W. a few Movembers ago.

It took all day to get it juuuust right.

Lemur Staches are all the rage right now.

We can barely see Tommy behind his Mustache!

Full on mustache AND beard! WOW

It's not even fair any more. That Mo is INSANE!


Bonus Moto: The one that got away 😀

WOW Award: Frank D.

Frank’s 5 o’clock shadow starts at 5 a.m. Frank, you definitely had the most legit beard. This WOW award is well deserved.

Frank's First Motograph

"Nice face fuzz, Dave. Check out this Brostache."

Despite accusations, Frank didn't start early.

Lumberjack? More like lumberFrank.

Honorable Mention: Craig C.

Dedication is a huge part of this game. Craig C. is our only contestant to post INTERNATIONAL photos (He went to Paris!). Furthermore, he was probably the most willing participant – ready to be a part and to help our cause. Also, he’s just an all-around great guy. Thank you, Craig!

Craig's First Motograph

"No, Frank. THIS is how it's done."

Craig est à Paris pendant le mois de novembre.

Craig C. and...friend?

Moception! A mo within a mo...within a mo.

Mr. Congeniality: John L.

If we had rules, John L. would probably win, being one of the only ones that followed them. And John is just plain fun to be around. Those things put together–he gets the congeniality award. Thank you for being you, John!

John's First Motograph

"I think I can...yeah! I can see it!"

A new..MO-bile phone? 🙂

"I'm using the force to make it grow."

"Does it help if I puff up my lip like this?"

"This is as big as I can make it look."

Mention. Matt O.

While Matt O. was increasingly concerned about his graying beard, we just think it makes him look wise and distinguished. Not a lot of people were voting for wise and distinguished this year, but next maybe the voters will wake up next #Movember, Matt. 🙂

Matt's First Motograph

Here's the GOAT without a cap!

"Does my beard bring out the gray in my shirt?"

Doesn't look as gray today! #justformen?

See You Next Year!

Stay connected to Graphium Health™ for future events, including next year’s #Movember contest! Thank you again, to all of our participants and to all of our voters. You all made this very fun, and we hope that the cause for Cancer Awareness and Prevention benefitted from these efforts.


The Graphium Health Team

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