Transform your practice with Graphium's powerful range of features tailored to your anesthesia providers' needs.


Keep the contracts you have. Win the ones you don't.

Intuitive, Flexible Data Capture

Digital Paper Interface

Your lost paper forms, excessive costs, and data entry issues are a thing of the past—without giving up the familiar paper-style interface.

Seamless Charting Compliance & Data Validation

You need compliant medical charts and accurate data before they impact your facility or billing company.

Paper Data Entry & Data Capture

If you can quickly capture data from paper forms and organize it digitally, you can reduce inefficiency, illegible documents, and duplicate forms.

H&P/ Pre-Op Information Management

Easily digitize your paper pre-operative record as either a standalone form or include it in your digital intraoperative record.

Charting Workflow

Manage and optimize your charting workflow from within the Graphium platform.

Advanced Customization

You can customize Graphium across a range of metrics to suit your practice’s unique needs.

Templates For Data Capture

You can have the templates you need with custom templates that capture your practice’s data.

Quality & Compliance Reports

Keep your facility in step with laws and regulations, and get a clear picture of how to improve your operational efficiency.


You can instantly generate robust, organized and actionable quarterly reports for your organization.

Case Reconciliation

You need built-in case reconciliation capabilities to eliminate incorrect data and discrepancies.

Data Exports

You can keep accurate records, share key information, and stay compliant as you instantly prepare and export data to a range of formats.

MACRA Submission

Your MACRA quality measures, including ABG measures, are recorded and submitted seamlessly within Graphium.

EHR Integration

It’s time for you to gain greater control and insight over your anesthesia data, clinical workflow, and the services you provide through Graphium’s integrated EHR solution.

Billing System Integration

Do you have an existing billing system? Your billing solution and Graphium integrate perfectly to create a seamless and efficient workflow.

Anesthesia Machine & Vitals Integration

Your information can be automatically captured and stored from anesthesia machines, vitals trackers, and other equipment.

Charge Capture

Your anesthesia charges and key data from clients and patients is instantly captured with Graphium’s powerful charge capture capability.

Managed Billing

Your practice can have a complete managed billing solution, including credentialing, coding, and collections capabilities in one platform.

Billing System Integration

Do you already have a billing system? Your anesthesia billing solution will work flawlessly with Graphium for a seamless and efficient workflow.

Case Reconciliation

Your organization’s incorrect data and discrepancies are soon forgotten with built-in case reconciliation capabilities.