Is there anything more unsettling than not knowing where your iPhone is?

It’s funny that I don’t really worry too much about losing my wallet anymore. It hardly ever has any cash in it anyway, and I can just cancel the cards, replace my license, and you’re welcome to use my SportClips punch card. You’ll need 4 more punches before you get anything, anyway. My iPhone, though? How will I live!?

Luckily, Apple has your back in several ways. So take a deep breath – it will be ok – and let’s walk through the solutions that are at your disposal.

Have You Tried…

A couple of things to try first

While a very good chance exists that you’ve already tried these first few suggestions, we also know that when panic sets in, everything gets blurry. So let’s check these initial actions off our list, just to be sure.

Call Your Phone From Someone Else’s Phone

Let it ring. 

Try it a few times. Hot Tip: It’s even better if you can call from someone whose contact information in your phone will show up as “Wife” or “Mom” when it pops up on your screen. If someone on the other end found your phone in a chair at Starbucks, they’ll know that Mom will know how to get you back together with your phone.

You can try texts, but it may not help as much.

While the buzzing may get the phone holder’s attention, they probably won’t be able to see the message itself without unlocking the phone. We recommend that you keep calling.

“But I am looking for my iPad.”

You’re probably gonna want to keep reading, then, unless you have WiFi Calling set up on your iPad. If you do, then the above solutions may work great for you, too! If not…keep on scrolling, Reader.

Solutions if you have another iOS device in your possession that’s connected to your account

The Beauty of “Find My”

iOS 13 Find My appPreviously called “Find My iPhone,” Apple has recently revamped their native iOS device location app and named it “Find My.” 

You may or may not have noticed that another app that has been around for a while, “Find My Friends” is now missing, too. That’s because its features are now part of the “Find My” app, as well! 

So now, all inside of one app, you can “Find My” People and Devices, and you can elect what you do and don’t share about yourself. In this author’s opinion, Apple has made some great improvements to this iOS functionality. It can still be a little laggy and may not be absolutely perfect, but I love it for what it is.

And in a time of lost iPhones and panic, we could all probably use a little love for who we are.

“Find My Devices”

Once you’ve found “Find My,” locate the “Devices” tab at the bottom of the screen, highlighted in blue in this photo, then swipe up on that little gray dash I’ve pointed at:

Now you’ll see a screen with a map and images of your device! One caveat here: this is your device’s last known location. In the “Devices” list, you should see the name of your device, the last known location, and how long ago it was that “Find My” was able to locate your device. For instance, in the photo below, my Apple Watch has been located “Now!”

Find My Devices

When I touch either the icon of my Apple Watch, or “David’s Apple Watch” from the Devices list, I’m presented with a few options: Play Sound, Directions, Notifications, Mark As Lost, and Erase This Device. Let’s go over each.

 Find My Options

Play SoundPlay Sound

Clicking this button will cause a sound (it sounds like a radar ping) to go off on your Device. This is most useful if the device is somewhere in your proximity (think couch cushion), because you can just follow the sound to your device. It is, though, also very annoying–so maybe someone at Applebees will hear it and begin to make an effort to get it back to you. **WARNING** If this is your child or spouse’s device, the sound will play no matter what, which may cause a teacher to confiscate the disruptive device or interrupt your spouse’s current phone call.


This may be obvious, but it’s also incredibly convenient. Touch this button, and the device you’re using will automatically pull up Apple Maps with directions to where your device was last found. Very nice if it’s a public and populated location.

Please be careful if it’s not a location you recognize or is in the back alley behind Wally World.



If the device you’re looking for is offline, Find My can wait for it to come online and then send a notification as soon as it does. In other words, if your device has been powered off and is powered on again later, you can automatically be notified, then you can jump into the Find My app once again to see its updated last known location.

Mark As LostMark As Lost

If you still can’t find your phone, “Mark As Lost” may be your best bet. When you click “Activate,” you will be able to enter a custom message and a phone number where you can be reached. Pro Tip: Don’t put in the phone number of the device you’re looking for. That simply won’t work. But once you’re done, the lost device will display a message that looks like this:

Lost iPhone

And check that out! Whoever has your device — without unlocking it — can call the number that you gave them!

Incredibly convenient, very smart, and really: lots of good people are out there who would return your phone if they found it.

Keep your chin up.


Erase This Device

Erase This Device

The truth of the matter is that iPhones & iPads don’t always get returned. While Apple has included so many ways for you to get your device back, they also know that your device includes your personal information, access to your email accounts & contacts, and whatever is on your camera roll. It may be time to erase your device.

Now listen: Apple has also made it incredibly easy to back your phone up over the cloud, which means that there is a great chance that, once you get a replacement device, you can just restore from that backup and move along like nothing ever happened.

If you get nothing else out of this article, back up your device. Right now. You’re welcome.

Solutions if you don’t have another iOS device, but have access to the internet

Hint: you totally have access to the internet. Because you’re on it right now.

Find iPhone Browser

Do You Know About

Those icons above were captured after logging in to Notice that one if them is “Find iPhone,” which contains the same functionality that we were using above to find devices in the “Find My” app!

Find iPhone iconFind iPhone on

Hop on to any web-enabled device that has an internet connection and travel to, then log in using your Apple ID (hopefully you remember the name and password–if not, go through the usual reset stuff). Once logged in, click the “Find iPhone” logo, and you’ll be off and running!

You will have almost all of the exact same options that we covered in the Find My app coverage above, but your browser screen will look something like this:

Find Devices Browser

Two Final Tips

It’s important to know all the resources you have available. While this blog article doesn’t claim to be all-inclusive, there are two more pieces of knowledge you should have in your hip-pocket.

Your Carrier (AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, etc.) Can Help

If you report your missing device to your carrier, the have the ability to disable your account. This option may be appealing if you need to prevent calls & texts and, perhaps especially, to prevent someone else from overusing your data. 

Carriers also have coverage plans that, if active, may be able to help you as well. Be sure to contact your wireless carrier when it gets to this point.

AppleCare+ Can Help

Is your device covered by AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss? If so, you can click here to begin a claim process. May or may not be helpful in your current situation, but perhaps consider purchasing AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss in the future or for your current devices.

Best of Luck!

We know that misplacing or all-out losing a device can be completely unnerving. A couple of our own team have been there, too, and it’s not fun. It’s certainly a cruel world, but luckily, Apple really has looked out for you on this one. Use the tools they offer you and a little bit of detective work, and you may be back in business in no time!

In the meantime: we wish you the best.

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