A few sources have leaked some potential news about the up-and-coming iPhone 11. As you know, Graphium’s Anesthesia EMR and MACRA Ready apps run specifically on the iPad Pro and iPhone. And since a very good portion of Graphium’s users – and pretty much all of our employees – are Apple fans, we thought we’d share a little of what we’ve heard.


Old Rumors

A few rumors have been floating around for a little while about the new iPhones, and here are the ones that we think might be credible:


Sizes & Screens

According to one of our favorite sites, MacRumors, Apple will be releasing one 6.1″ LCD Model and two OLED Models- a 6.5″ and 5.8″.



Some of the most popular rumors about the coming iPhone center around the front and rear-facing cameras.

Macrumors reports that one possibility for the rear-facing camera is “ triple-lens rear camera setups with a 12-megapixel telephoto lens, a 12-megapixel wide-angle lens, and a 12-megapixel super wide-angle lens.” Whoa.

Several of the newer iPhone case designs and rumor-mill mock-ups look something like this:


Also rumored is a much improved front-facing camera with a better “TrueDepth Camera System” that would improve Face ID functionality, among other improvements.

That being said, if you were hoping that the notch on the front screen would go away, you may be out of luck.


Bilateral Charging

Other phones have had the functionality for a while, but it could be that Apple is now introducing Bilateral Charging to the iPhone. That means that if you are running low on battery life, you can find a friend with the same feature, and they can actually give you a boost from their phone.

A similar feature called “PowerShare” was released by Samsung earlier this year, and it got a lot of attention. You can check it out here.

Photo: Samsung PowerShare in action

Apple Pencil Support

Another popular iPhone 11 rumor has been Apple Pencil support, or even an all-new Apple Pencil just for the iPhone. Could it possibly look like this?

iPhone Apple Pencil

(Image Credit: Future)

On the other hand, a couple of doubts arise around whether this rumor could come to fruition:

1. Although the stylus has already been introduced to the iPad, Steve Jobs was vociferous about being super against the idea of the stylus for the iPhone.

2. We’ve seen this rumor before. A lot. Which makes us a little dubious.


New Rumor!

A new rumor has been floating around, too. It may not be as exciting as some of the others but…drum roll…..


A New Logo Placement!!!

FastCompany.com released an article that gives evidence that the Apple logo might be centered on the back of the new iPhone 11.

You may be thinking, “I thought that’s where the logo already was.”

But no!

Here is a photo of my current iPhone X…and my helpful finger reflection:

iPhone X Logo


And here is a more polished photo of the potential iPhone 11 Apple logo placement:

iPhone 11 Logo Placement

(Photo Credit: Fast Company)


Could it be true?? Maybe you don’t care, Rude.

But if you do, you can find it all out next week at the Special Apple Event!! To tune in, click on this image to go to the Apple Website:

Apple iPhone Event

One Last Note:

If you want to be a true nerd (like us) start looking waaaay too deeply into what that Apple logo in the event photo above could mean. Apple is known to leave little hints.

Maybe the colors are the new lineup of  iPhone 11 color options!

It’s translucent and it looks like glass…maybe the iPhone 11 will have a clear glass bezel.

They all stack on one another and are a little disconnected…does that represent bilateral charging??

Yes. Now you’re in to Apple Fandom on a whole other level.

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