The countdown is on for the opening of the AANA 2019 Annual Congress Exhibit Hall. It’s going to be crazy–you may even have a hard time planning which vendors to go see and when. But the wise, experienced CRNA knows to prioritize Booth #1109. That’s the Graphium Health booth.

Not one of those CRNAs yet? No problem. Here are the top 10 reasons to visit us so that you can be in with the cool crowd.

#10: Everything MACRA & MIPS

Graphium Health knows MACRA for anesthesia. It’s incredible complicated and always changing, but the good news is that you don’t have to worry about it. We have several ways for you to report the essential measures & get compliant.

For your practice, this means avoiding penalties and getting your hands on some sweet reward money from the CMS QPP program.

Use Graphium’s MACRA Calculator to see what financial impact compliance/non-compliance could have on your practice.

Is this your reason?

#9: Wine & Cheese Access

You have two things to check out.

The first is the schedule of events for AANA 2019. Click your way to the Evening of Sunday, August 11th from 3:15-6:00pm. You’ll find this little beauty:

That’s right. Your two favorite things being served up all in one place. The only thing you need now is a sweet corner booth to lay low in. It’s your best bet when it comes to the mysterious roulette of where the gruyere will be set up.

Well here’s the secret to possibly getting your hands on the first cheddar of the night: Graphium will be in that corner booth that you’ve been dreaming of. Come hang out and improve your odds of beating Brenda the Cheese Snatcher to the table this year.

You can check out the floor plan right now! Search for Graphium Health or, if you’re in for some fun, just try to find Booth 1109 without searching at all!

So are you excited about the  wine & cheese?
Will you share your cheese or… provolone?
Will the cheese leave you Ädelost for words?
Will you try a pinot noir or… hail a Cab?
Instead of joking about cheeses, would you rather just Edam?

We want to make your Wine & Cheese dreams come true at the AANA 2019 Annual Congress.

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#8: Data & Analytics

Graphium’s anesthesia dashboard delivers actionable anesthesia data that improve outcomes and your bottom line by enabling data-driven decisions. At Booth 1109, you’ll be able to witness its key characteristics:

For analytics to be most valuable, they need to be available in near real time as possible. Receiving a voluminous report 12 months after the fact cripples the improvement process

Granularity matters. In order to improve the surgical patient experience, individual provider behavior needs to change. Comparing peers at the same Facility is paramount.

Centrally controlled reports which require an IT analyst’s expertise to generate reports hinders the improvement process. Reports need to be readily available to responsible management.

Improvement never ends, and neither should the reports. Well designed analytics should also enable continuous evaluation to track the progress of any corrective actions taken.

Is this your reason?

#7: Anesthesia Dad Jokes & Chicago Hot Dog Expertise

You: “Hey- could you guys make me a customized anesthesia record?”

Us: “POOF! You’re a customized anesthesia record!”

Seriously, though, you’ll need some levity between some of your sessions, and there won’t be a better place than the Graphium Health Booth — #1109.

We’ll also have with us the famous John Lutes- renowned Chicagoan and Chicago Hot Dog subject matter expert. He can guide you through exactly what a Chicago hot dog is, what makes it the best, and he will probably try to convince you that it’s the only way to live. 

And speaking of breaks between sessions, are you aware of the Chicago Hot Dog Fest that’s going on DURING AANA 2019?? We have the details for you here: Chicago Hot Dog Festival | AANA 2019

Is this your reason?

#6: Revenue Cycle Management

Graphium is always on the lookout for ways not only to improve the user experience, but also to offer new ways of recording and transmitting data to reduce your workflow. And if we can, we like to find ways to get you paid more accurately and more quickly.

Many of our clients benefit from our automated charge capture slip. Do you currently fill out a form separate from your anesthesia record that needs to be sent (along with the record itself) to your billing company? With Graphium, you can keep your current billing company, and we will both auto-generate your billing slip and send everything necessary directly to your billing company in a secure & HIPAA compliant way. No more couriers or illegible carbon copies, saving you time, money, and the loss of charges due to any number of errors.

Are you having issues with your current billing company?

Graphium Health can handle all of your Revenue Cycle Management. We do it all, from claims to collections to provider credentialing.

Price? We’re pretty sure we can match or beat your current billing rate, and we include your MACRA Reporting & our full Anesthesia EMR for your entire organizaiton.

Get a sneak peek before the show right here, and then come visit us at booth #1109!

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#5: Spot the Crazy Socks

David, the head of marketing at Graphium Health is a good dresser. Not too fancy or anything–but dresses appropriately for the occasion.

But if you look just a little bit closer, you might see something just a little out of place: his socks. David is known for his collection of crazy socks, and you have your chance to witness the greatness with us at Booth #1109. Will it be Taco Socks? Polka Dots? Fish? Mustaches?? You never know.

But one thing you can count on for sure: they will be there, and they will be crazy. Here’s a little something from his collection:

Is this your reason?

#4: The Best Electronic Medical Record in History

In. History.

That may not be a super high bar to set, considering that a lot of the technology in the medical space is clunky, outdated, and cumbersome. For anesthesia providers, though, that time has passed. A company has finally created an EMR that reduces clicks and paperwork.

For your practice, this means avoiding penalties and getting your hands on some sweet reward money from the CMS QPP program.

Anesthesia EMR Site Shot



Have a look at our website to see what all the Graphium Anesthesia EMR can do, then get your hands on it at the AANA 2019 Annual Congress in Chicago!

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#3: Location, Location, Location

Two places at AANA 2019 that you will definitely want to check out are:

1) The AANA Health & Wellness Hub &
2) The AANA Connect Lounge.

Why? Well…

The AANA Health & Wellness Hub

Offers “relaxing chair massages, refreshing fruit infused water, and renewing ideas and resources to support your well-being! Chat with a Health & Wellness or Peer Assistance Advisors committee member about CRNA/SRNA physical and emotional well-being and substance use disorder. Due to popular demand, we’ve increased the number of professional massage therapists!” (See the AANA 2019 Website)

The AANA Connect Lounge

You can go to the AANA Connect Lounge for:

  • Voting booths
  • Meeting with Leadership
  • AANA books & merchandise
  • A gathering place for attendees with seating
  • Device charging stations
  • Raffle prize are announcements and distributions
  • Other AANA promotions

And Guess What Is RIGHT in the middle of them?

That’s right. It’s the Graphium Health Booth! #1109! Visit our booth, and you’re already halfway to where you need to be. How convenient!
We’ve made a map for you. Feel free to print it off and bring it to Chicago.
AANA 2019 Annual Congress Floor Plan

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#2: Free Candy

Free Candy at AANA 2019

We’re going to have a bowl of candy. And you can have some for FREE.

And you know what? If you click the button below, you can send us a note to tell us what your favorite candy(ies) is (are), and we will STOCK THE BOWL WITH IT.

Are you diabetic? We’ll get you some sugar free Reese’s miniatures, which, by the way, are the most incredible sugar-free candy available. You’re welcome.

Nuts? No Nuts? We’ll pick up Almond Joy or Mounds. Your call.

See? We really are the coolest people to hang out with. And this won’t be some squeezy toy thingamabob that you’ll regret having when you get home.

Just one more reason to get TOTALLY STOKED for the AANA 2019 Annual Congress.


Is this your reason?

#1: Learn How To Augment Your Workflow While Decreasing
Your Workload

The Graphium Health System offers effortless Anesthesia Practice Management by combining Anesthesia Revenue Cycle Management (Billing), MACRA Compliance, Data Collection, and Operational Insight into a single experience.

With over 3 decades of RCM experience, we offer an unparalleled service by combining best-in-class technology with high touch, personal service. Our Anesthesia EMR is practical and intelligent. Whereas other billing companies do not offer MACRA services, they come included with Graphium.

Because of our market-leading success in integrations, you can have your data and get it where it needs to be with no effort on your part. Get a copy back in to the host EHR (Meditech, Cerner, Epic, CPSI (Evident), etc.), send the essential data to the billing company, or just scrap the billing company altogether for a seamless end-to-end surgical experience unlike any other that has come before it.

Graphium One

Visit to learn more about our one-of-a kind system. And then come see it for yourself at AANA 2019. David & John will be there to answer any questions you have.

Do you have any questions we can be prepared for in the mean time?

Let us know here:

Graphium Health understands that you entered anesthesia to help patients– not to get caught up in EMRs & RCMs. To find out more about how efficient revenue cycle management & the right EMR pays for itself, call us at (844)693-6767 or email us at [email protected].