We’re glad you’re interested in MACRA compliance for your anesthesia group. At Graphium Health, our team knows all-too-well how much conflicting information is out there concerning anesthesia groups reporting for MACRA.

Over the past several years, we’ve successfully reported millions of cases for hundreds of anesthesia groups across the country. We hope to be able to share this experience with you and offer clarity in an increasingly confusing world of quality compliance.

Here’s why 2019 MACRA ReadyTM is the best anesthesia MACRA compliance solution on the market.

  • QCDR Reporting – While there are many reporting options, QCDR reporting gives anesthesiologists and CRNAs the best chance of receiving the maximum bonus, estimated to be 5.67% for 2019.


  • 7 Reportable Measures – Buffer is good. We collect data on 7 measures and will use the best 6 to help you get the best possible score and the highest bonus.


  • 3 Quality Process Measures – We aim for intelligent MACRA compliance, ensuring you’re delivering the quality of service you expect.


  • 39 Outcome Measures – Our industry-standard Anesthesia quality program tracks a variety of common major and minor complications.


  • Analytic Dashboards – Our web-based dashboards include MACRA Compliance, Organizational Scorecards, and Facility Scorecards, allowing you to easily track, trend, and share performance at both the group and individual levels – an absolute requirement for the Improvement Activities portion of your overall Composite Performance Score.


  • OPPE Enabled – Need help with your On-going Provider Professionalism Evaluation? Our MACRA Ready™ forms have your credentialing data needs covered.


  • Joint Commission Quarterly Quality Reports – These are required for TJC certification for all 3rd party hospital service providers, including anesthesia providers. Our forms have you covered.


  • Operational Insight – Our MACRA Ready™ Plus forms collect 6 extra times, along with Case Delay Reasons, and Case Cancellation Reasons. This provides you with unprecedented view of your operational performance with over 14 additional reports, including productivity, efficiency, throughput, and staffing utilization.


  • Upgrade to Electronic Data Entry – Save money by using our iOS app and receive Daily Analytic Emails each morning with your projected compliance and performance for the previous day.

The Graphium Health team of experts is solely focused on the practice of anesthesia. Our goal is your success. We look forward to partnering with you and sharing our experience along the way.

ffrey R Zavaleta, MD
Chief Medical Officer




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